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About Us


I’m Mr Toffee and I run this shop with my adopted brother Julius. Me being a Lovely American Shorthair and my brother an anti social grumpy cat, I am generally in the front lines, talking to customers, making business deals. Julius usually sleeps by the heater or chases non existing monsters around the house. (yea, i don’t get it either)

When I’m not working, I love to play with my Hooman. They love it! When i get enough of that I usually ask politely for some food but my humans seem to be pretty stingy with food, I never get enough to my hearts desire, which would be about 20 lbs per day.

We only had cat toys and all other cool pet accessories on the shop but then my parents got super jealous one day and said they wanted to have some cool human stuff for pet lovers. So, we ended up getting a pretty cool fashionable accessories and Hoodies and stuff.

Also, both Julius and I and our parents are very keen on helping dogs and cats that don’t have homes and have to survive on the streets. So 10% of all the profits go towards feeding and caring for the animals in the shelters and/or streets. You can always ask for more details of that to my parents by dropping an email to

Hope you enjoy your stay and say hello to me or my sister on instagram & facebook

Mr Toffee